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A few of my current favorites.

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As some of us sellers can probably admit to, there are some items that we sell that we really regret selling - and some that we have a hard time even offering.  Currently in my shop, I have a few pieces that just melt my heart, and regardless of their sizes, I just want to keep them for their appeal, condition and overall amazingness! (is that even a word!?)

Image1940s Wild Orchid Dress

Image1940s Tri-color Suede Pumps

Image1960s Long Fringe Dress

Image1940s Embroidered Cigarette Novelty Dress

Image1970s Geoffrey & Lynx Fur Coat

For now, Ill just love them while they're in the shop and make way for new pieces to fall in love with all over again.  I must admit, there is a closet at home with quite a few eh-hem...coats, cough, cough...and dresses,.....cough cough..that never made it to the shop.  *blush*

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