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A Peek Inside!


I know it's been ages since I last blogged.  I'm sorry!  Life has been as usual, insane.  So many of you have asked to see some photos of the studio and I was finally able to get a few shots to share with you.  Please, pardon my lack of expertise with interior photos, this type of photography is not my forte. The transition over to the studio has been amazing - and just a few months ago another space down the hall from my original studio became available - with three times the amount of space, a sink hookup (a GODSEND!), tons of room for shoots, mending/cleaning and inventory.  I'm planning on getting a full size fridge and some kitchen cabinets so that I never have to leave!!!  I kinda wished I lived here.  Shhh!  Don't tell my family :) Studio hours are by appointment only, but I'm generally here Monday through Friday during normal business hours with later hours if needed.  Weekend appointments are for brides only, please.  Call 603.430.8500 or email to make an appointment.   CC0_3823CC0_3826CC0_3838CC0_3839CC0_3842CC0_3848CC0_3851CC0_3862

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