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An Easy on the Eyes Workout

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I loathe the thought of staring at the treadmill screen, or some bad show on the TV thats on while on the elliptical machine.  I generally tend to go for long walks or hikes - and thankfully I have a partner, my husband. Yesterday I wanted to head to Pawtuckway State Park, as its only a 5min drive from my house - but when I got home, my husband said he had a surprise and was taking me somewhere much cooler. We drove a little further, down some back roads near my house and ended up in Candia.  We pulled into a dirt parking lot off the road, in the middle of the woods.  And there was a wide dirt trail (its actually an old train bed).  So, we started out walking - it was a lovely early evening.  About 75 degrees and sunny.
A view of the trail - just a small road in the middle of the woods!
I could see that there was a lot of use of the trail - horse tracks, bike tracks, ATV tracks...and of course, foot tracks.  Along the entire trail, on both sides, were these rock walls - I assumed property lines from a least a hundred or so years ago.  I dont know about you guys, but Ive always been obsessed with these walls.  To me, they show how hard people worked, just to make a simple property line - they go on for miles and miles - and some of the rocks are HUGE! - The little archaeologist in me would love to dig up around some of the walls and see what I could find!
 Look at how each rock, even the small ones, are strategically placed - blows my mind!
So - the cool thing - right.  Well, after about a mile into the woods, we come to a smaller dirt path off to the left - we followed that for about 100ft and BOOM! - there it was.  A HUGE pond, a clearing, mowed grass, lawnchairs, stone sculptures, a waterfall and a bridge, even a little log house that someone was living in?!?! - There were a bunch of people who were visiting this little spot.  Some were fishing, some were bike riding - but a clearing, with a pond a house in the middle of the woods?! WEIRD!  But cool!  Apparently my husband had brought my son there last summer, when they rode their mountain bikes on the trail - it goes from my house all the way out there!
Here is a photo of my husband and I - can you see us?!
Also, can you name this species of flower?  Its SO unique and was growing in the forest..
And lastly - me in my workout gear! - How ambitious do I look!?

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  • Concetta's Closet aka Dana Hanson on

    Oh so cool, Alix! thanks for telling me that! It makes my special place even more special! XO!

  • Alix on

    What a beautiful spot for a walk in the woods! The flower looks like a lady's slipper, which is endangered in some parts of the country — a perfect flower for a fashionable lady like you!

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