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Busy Busy.....BUSY!

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Its been a hectic week, which is OK with me - because last week was a hellish week.  Ill take busy over hellish any day. Ive also been so busy, that Ive been slacking on working out.  I need to get back into the swing of things, SOON.  Ive lost momentum and Im scared I wont be able to get it back. Ok - so tomorrow I will be measuring in - I doubt I lost any inches, or even a centimeter, but at least I got myself warmed up for the World War III Im about to impose on my body.  *shudder* Today, I measured my butt off.  I wish measuring burned calories.  I did stand on my feet for most of the day - so maybe 10 calories or so were burned.  A healthy lunch and breakfast...and dinner too!  Whole wheat angel hair pasta with black olives, sauteed spinach and roasted red peppers - and an insane amount of garlic.
So, here I am.  Measuring up a storm
and..the infamous Bandolino boots that I need to retire..
Ive been wearing little to no makeup lately, kind of giving my skin a break..not so bad for 36, huh?
So thats it for today.  Tomorrow is going to be just as busy, as Im grabbing a few lovely ladies and heading to a nursing home, to provide the residents with some vintage fashions for them to reminisce over.  Photos of that tomorrow!
Floral Tunic - Thrifted
Leggings - American Eagle
Boots - Bandolino
Necklace - Tiffany, gift from my husband
Eyeglass Frames - Ellen Tracy (Ive had them for YEARS!)

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