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Fresh Crop!


Recently, I acquired a monster lot of 40's and 50's dresses from a woman that was cleaning out her Aunt's home in Portsmouth.  Luckily, her husband thought a bit before throwing out the monster box full of dresses and skirts, as the woman had told me she was ready to toss them.  They contacted me and I was quick to run over to the house and see what they had.  At first, she told me they from the 1920s - but I realized that not everyone knew their eras :)  So when I got there, I could tell from 10ft away that the box contained gorgeous 1940's rayon and 1950s cotton.  

Lauryn and I will be shooting a TON of it on Tuesday - and until then I will be working like a madwoman getting everything clean and mended.  Sadly, about 1/3 of the clothing was damaged beyond repair - mostly moth chewed and armpit stains, but luckily I have been able to resurrect a good amount of the pieces I thought were gone.  

Here are a few photos of what the process looks like:


A 1940s rayon (thankfully COLD rayon) dress soaking, getting out years and years of storage funk!



1940s cotton dresses, doin' the hang - handwashed and then hung dry out on my three-season porch, which as skylights and wrap-around windows with tons of cross breeze for speedy (and fresh) drying.



And what's left of my "fix & clean" pile.  (note:  I put that lovely lavender tulle goddess of a dress in there just for you to see it, its actually perfect and doesnt need a touch of cleaning or mending!)


Mr Zigs hanging with me out on the porch.  This is his little kitty perch thats next to the window.  He crawls up into the most peculiar positions and falls asleep like that.  Sometimes I cant help but smooch him and wake him.....oops!

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  • Beverley on

    What a great find. I love your blog; the way you write is so warm and funny. Looking forward to seeing the results of your hard work.

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