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As you all probably know, the East Coast has been pounded by Hurricane Sandy earlier this week.  Specifically the states of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.  And as most you may not know, I was born and raised in New Jersey and lived most of my adult life in New York.  Both states are extremely near and dear to me, especially the New Jersey Shore.  NOT the Shore that is depicted on that god-awful television show, although, I have been known to dance to techno and wear some questionable clothing. Image As the news unfolded, and the photos of the shore came about - my eyes filled with tears.  All I could think about were the memories I created as a child every summer, as my grandparents house at Bradley Beach.  The friends I had met when I was 12 playing..some that I still have now.  I wondered if they were OK, if their families were safe.  Landmarks, favorite pizza spots, ice cream parlors, skate shops, boardwalks, amusement parks and not to mention - Homes.  Places where people grew up and lived.  NOT just vacation or seasonal homes, Im talking year round homes, like my grandparents home (which they no longer live in, thankfully).  Not everyone on the Jersey shore only lived there from June to August, lets remember that.  And lastly, something that hits home the most - the small businesses.  New Jersey is made up of a LOT of these.  When the storm first started steering towards the state, I first though, OH NO!  School of Vintage is on LBI! - I couldnt imagine everything I put my heart into being washed away. Image So, as I sit here with tears in my eyes - Im going to ask you my local customers for some help.  For the entire month of November, if you come in and shop with me - PLEASE! - bring a small bag of donations that will be sent off to New Jersey?  Im going to offer everyone a 15% off discount for every donation they bring (not every piece/bag).  For now, Im going to be sending the donations via FedEx or UPS since USPS is not running in most areas of New Jersey. A list of things that I am going to be asking for: Toiletries - (shampoo, conditioner, soap, razors, shaving cream, feminine products, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion, etc) Baby Needs -  Diapers (all sizes) baby wipes, pacifiers, bottles, gently used clothing. Kids Needs - Small used/clean toys, gently used clothing and shoes, coats. Adult Needs - Gently used clothing and shoes, coats. General - Blankets and small books. Remember, these things have to fit into boxes and we are also trying to keep the weight down, so the lighter the better.  I am not going to be accepting food right now because canned items just weigh too much and until I can get a better rate on shipping I just cant do it.  All donations will be drop shipped to a childhood friend who is receiving packages, she lives around the corner from the Pine Belt Arena in Toms River New Jersey, one of the areas hardest hit. Its breaking my heart to watch the state that made me the girl I am, suffer so greatly.  So please help me, help them.  Thank you!

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  • THERESA on

    Dana… GOD BLESS YOU… I HAVE BEEN IN THE “SHOCK” stage up until right now.. damnit lol sorry, but for some reason… reading this, and seeing what you are doing for us at the jersey shore, as well as your entire home state of New Jersey and let’s not forget NY, Has FINALLY BROUGHT ME TO TEARS… after how many days??? I have honestly lost count, and not even sure what day it is down here! I am literally sobbing as I write this, half because of the utter chaos, fear, sadness, lonliness, exaustion of helping others and seeking help, 3 hour gas station lines, no “real” connection to the "real world, " looting, robberies, 30 min lines just to purchase milk (food is very scarce) constant sounds of sirens, crying, yelling, helicopters, etc outside my window, and just profound and eerie overall feeling of devastation felt by everyone affected down here. I SOB!!!! BUT , on the other half and brighter side feeling the absolute most gratitude and heartfelt thankfulness for all the people around the COUNTRY, like YOU…. a longtime friend, of mine…for your thoughts, prayers, donations, and charity events that are being help (like yours at your shop)
    on behalf of all your old friends at the jersey shore, as well as the entire state of NJ, we thank you from the bottoms of our broken hearts!! GOD BLESS YOU!!! XOXOXO

  • erin and jeannine on

    this is so sweet of you. Just reading what you said about people who made their lives here, not just the summer folks, made me tear up. As I’m sure you understand as a fellow New Jerseyan, even though our home was made a mockery of on MTV, it’s still our home and it’s where our hearts are! Luckily based on other people’s accounts, our shop and (Erin’s) home escaped relatively unscathed, especially in comparison to others’. It’s so surreal, the photos look like a movie set. Our loved ones who are contractors are working their asses off to make it a safe place to go back to. And for anyone who is far away, or can’t get a donation to you, the easiest thing to do is donate via the red cross.
    Again, thank you for your warm thought and concern through all of this, it seriously makes my heart swell :)

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