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Look What I Found - 11/14/10

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Look What I Found!!
Name: Jared Driscoll
Age:  22
Current City/Town: Newmarket, NH
What do you do:  work/school
Currently, your favorite piece of clothing is, and why:  My royal blue long sleeve button-up with white polka dots
Currently, what song/band are you in love with:  Touman, Diabate, Rustie
What are you wearing and where did you get it from:
Jeans - Gap
Shirt - Thrift
What did you eat for breakfast morning:  Kashi Cereal and Soymilk
Are you dating anyone right now? Married? Single?:  Single!  Totally Eligible!
Three words to describe Dana of Concetta's Closet:  Awesome, Fun and Stylish
Thanks Jared!  PS - Jared bought a lovely frock to wear a few weeks ago for Halloween - We want photos Jared!!!

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  • Anonymous on

    Hey, I remember him from Halloween! He was browsing the store for something to wear!!!! He's looking marvelous in the dragonfly piece!

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