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One of my Favorite Dresses..

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Does your favorite dress make you feel awesome?  Mine does.  I have a few that I love, and this Navy Blue Bow Print 40s Rayon one, is definitely in my top five. The best part about it, is the bodice and neckline.  It has a faux two-piece look - as if the neckline is open with a blouse underneath - but the non-functioning buttons make it look like its buttoned up.  Also, the very pointy collar with the silver chain swag is a great tough.  Lastly, the angled pockets are a great touch - who doesnt love a dress with pockets?! I found this lovely dress at a local private sale, a woman here in town invited me into her home to purchase dresses and accessories that belonged to her mother and sister in the 40s and 50s.  I was really happy becaues a majority of the pieces were sized from 10-14.  This one I couldnt let go of.  Its clearly handmade and fits me perfectly.
The shoes arent vintage - but you'd think they were, right?
Heres a look at the print, close up..
Sadly, I didnt get a chance to work out yesterday. I had the worlds worse sinus/allergy attack and I literally got home and fell on the sofa - and passed out until about 7pm.  A hot shower and some good food cured me and by the time I was feeling better, it was far too dark to trot around my twisty road.  Tonight, Im going to try to get to a local state park and do a tad of HIKING!
Off to have some lunch!
1940s Rayon Dress - Local Private Sale Navy Blue Faux Snakeskin Heels - Calvin Klein, purchased at TJMaxx last year

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    THE SHOES!!!!! I die. I want!!!

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