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Saving the Memories

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Ever see a bunch of old photos at an antique shop or estate sale?  I do, all the time.  Baby photos, wedding photos, party photos, portraits - all sitting on a table or in a box.  Not displayed or kept in a family album somewhere - just stacked next to each other, next to strangers and left to be forgotten.

Well, Im that crazy lady who buys them, ALL.  Especially the different ones, and the ones of babies and weddings too.  Here are a few that I picked up at an estate sale over the weekend.....It killed me to just leave them there.

ImageThis one says, "September 3, 1936" on the back.  It was framed, and in the frame was also this photo - assuming its the same woman?



This one says on the back, "Mr & Mrs Solov" - Looks to me they were somewhere tropical, or at least exotic - based on them wearing flower lei's of some sort.  Im guessing this one is from sometime around 1919-1921 based on the lengths of the skirts and the shoes.


Here we have a REAL party!  This was set in its original frame (you can see a faint watermark on the right side corner) - Looks to me that most of the people here were having a good time! - Just look at the woman in the top row, center.  She couldnt even keep her head down for the photo!  A little bathtub gin perhaps?!  And Im assuming the gentleman to the left of her, is her husband - who is NOT happy with her behavior! (sounds a bit familiar, hahah!!)  Just look at all of the dresses - This one is dated 1929.  It was the 25th Wedding Anniversary of the two people in the front/center row.  The best dress, has GOT to be the sequined one on the third woman in from the right, Mrs Florence Shoal.  How did I know her name, you might ask?  Well - I know all of their names - because look at what was on the back!


I have a bunch more photos Ill share another time, but these were just so cool, I had to share them today!.  Oh, and lastly - a photo of ME! - Sorry, its with the camera phone - Its been hectic in here!  (thank you Jane for snapping this for me!)


1960s Teal Wiggle Dress - A gift from my husbands grandmother, it was HER mothers! It had fit like a dream (its a bit too big since Ive lost a few inches)

1960s Rayon Stiletto Pumps - Thrifted

1940s Silk Scarf - Private Sale (remember this post?)

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  • Lori on

    LOVE the photos and that dress looks fab on you Dana!!!

  • Alexa on

    The winter coat in the top photo is gorgeous!! She looks so elegant..

  • jenvitalephotography on

    Love the old photos! Very cool.

  • tracylaneisnotavirgin on

    love the new blog – it looks beautiful. xoxo

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