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Set Your Eyes On These


The other day I went to the eye doctor to get my yearly check up.  Im practically blind, for those of you who dont know.  Over the years, with so much abuse of looking at a computer screen for about 3/4 of the day - my eyes have begun to fail significantly.  The worst about wearing glasses is finding a pair of frames that work well on my face.  Ive literally been wearing the same pair of Ellen Tracey metal copper colored frames for the last five years. I found out that one of my favorite eyewear designers, Warby Parker, is coming out with a new line, specifically designed from a vintage style, named the "1922 Collection". Image Unique and different, but absolutely vintage - I cant wait to give them a try!  Ive never seen anything like them, anywhere!  (except the real authentic thing, of course!).  The best thing. they also come in sunglasses!  You can see the new 1922 Collection here!  And with the new Great Gatsby film coming out next month, you know these are going to be all the rage with the vintage crowd. A bit on Warby Parker - here! (and a bit about their "Buy a Pair/Give a Pair" program) Here is a peek! Image Image Image Image Image I dont know which Im going to choose, the choice are so amazing!  Im so excited!

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