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Theresa's Dress

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A few weeks back, my husband and I visited his Memere (French, for grandmother).  Her name is Theresa, and she's 88 years young.  I enjoy visiting her because she always makes me laugh and has such a pure heart, something which is hard to come by these days.

Memere, Jonathan and I were all looking through her photo albums.  Some from the 1970s when Jonathan was young, and many from the 1940s - when she was a young woman.  Memere loved taking photos back then and learned to hand color them for the photo studio down the street, to make some extra money.

When nosing through the photos, gushing over hairstyles, shoes and clothing - I asked Memere about a dress she was wearing in a photo (see below).

IMG_20141125_105807 IMG_20141125_105737 IMG_20141125_105828

She told me all about it, as she remembered it fondly.  She said the color was a pinkish peach, and that it had lovely fans on it.  Now, I had already asked her about the clothing she had when she was younger - sadly, there was nothing left.  She had moved several times and well - it wasn't saved.

Fast forward to a week later.  I received a call from my husbands mother.  She was at Memere's house.  She said, "You remember last week when you were here, and you were asking about a dress that my mother was wearing in a photo?  Well - you're not going to believe this.  But we found it.  Sitting in a drawer, folded up.  No other clothes from that era, or any other era.  Just this dress, THAT dress.  And she wants you to have it."

So the following week I went over and picked up the dress, and yep.  Its the exact one.  Memere wanted me to sell it, but I just couldn't.  The chances of the conversation we had AND the dress just appearing like that - too cool.  So the dress will stay in the family.  I thought I'd photograph the lovely Chantal wearing Memere's dress for you to see it in its glory!

Nov_18-6857 Nov_18-6858 Nov_18-6860 Nov_18-6862

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  • Casey on

    That is such a lovely story. And a really lovely dress.

  • R. Swan on

    I enjoyed your story about the dress. It is a beautiful dress !!!

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