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Shop Update!

It's been a while!  Just a few changes over here at the shop - 

We will be adding so much amazing vintage over the next few months, I can barely contain myself!  I've been juggling so much over the last year that Im finally able to do things the way I've always wanted to - With all of the changes that have taken place over the last few years - this one seems to feel the best.  I will be closing the showroom/studio location in downtown Portsmouth at the end of this month - and moving the online business back to where it all started - my home.  I have missed being home so much over the last seven years that Concetta's Closet has been in business.  For those of you who don't know - I started this little shop in the living room of my home, but quickly moved to Newmarket to open my first retail shop.  A few years later, we moved to a bigger and much more busy location in downtown Portsmouth.  So that meant I barely spent any time at home with my family and tending to family life.  I've missed it all terribly.  The goal is - work from home, belt out the best vintage and keep on growing! (and buy a bigger house next year!)

Also - as most of you have already noticed - the model situation is never an easy one.  I've been extremely lucky to have two fantastic models that stayed with me for more than three years over the last seven - but ladies have their own goals and lives and sometimes the chemistry just isn't there.  But, I do have some amazing ladies waiting to make their debut, just wait!  Things are a-changing and it makes me so happy - I'm sure you'll agree. :)


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